Mission Moment: Patrick Comas is Back!

Mission Moment: Patrick Comas is Back!

Patrick Comas arrived at Alphapointe in July 2020 to participate in our Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services (CRS) program. The purpose of CRS aligns with Alphapointe’s mission to empower people with vision loss to achieve their goals and aspirations.

CRS programs are catered to the individual needs of each participant and include many services such as training in Activities for Daily Living, Adaptive Technology, Braille, Orientation and Mobility and much more.

As Patrick entered the final week of the CRS program, he reflected on his journey with Alphapointe and shared the following inspirational letter.

Dear Alphapointe,

The other day Barb from Alphapointe asked me if I was excited about going home to St. Louis. At first, I did not give an answer, but then I thought about the five months of being here. I thought about working with Barb and the physical challenges that I have accomplished as a dialysis patient. I thought about my fear of the darkness and that I have conquered this fear. I am no longer considered a day walker and I have chosen to go out more at night.

Yes, I am excited! I am excited about my five months of computer training with Jim that has given me a solid foundation in becoming a software developer. I am excited because you are looking at a person that has not been on a computer in five years. Jim is an amazing instructor who is very patient and understanding, who showed me the many open doors of the IT world even in our COVID era. I am sitting there in amazement as he brushes through the endless amount of keyboard commands there are for the visual impaired and the blind.

Guess what? I can cook for myself. No more fast food! I can cook healthy foods and I will achieve brownie points from my peers and my significant other. Yes, I am excited that when I get back home to my kitchen and unload my suitcase, I will have the proper tools and knowledge to make boneless chicken breast with mixed vegetables and mushrooms sautéed with garlic and onions. You can come over during lunchtime and I can cook you a cheeseburger with homemade French fries!

I am excited because Alphapointe has helped me to become a more well-balanced individual dealing with my visual impairment. Yes, I am excited about going home to St. Louis. Patrick Comas is back!

Patrick Comas