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Youth Events & Summer Camps



Learn and grow as a volunteer for Alphapointe’s youth. Volunteers provide opportunities for children with vision loss to use imagination and creativity in a fun and casual learning environment.

Upcoming Opportunities:

Adventure Camp: July 17-22, 2023. A variety of volunteer opportunities for this traditional-style outdoor camp with actives to help inspire youth ages 11-18 while helping them build confidence and important life skills.

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Image of our Volunteer Coordinator, Sharon Brown with guests at the Boots and Pearls event

Kansas City & New York Events

Many volunteers are needed at both locations to ensure the success of all events. Opportunities include working registration, serving on a committee, assisting with fundraising, serving meals and clean up and set up.

Upcoming Opportunities:

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Volunteer Contact

“The more I volunteered there, the more I fell in love with the clients, the employees, and the mission of Alphapointe. It’s so exciting to see the amazing things going on at Alphapointe, and I love being a part of that and sharing it with others.”

“Great organization, great people, great mission.”
“Serving Alphapointe brings me a sense of pride knowing that we are helping our visually impaired community live a better quality of life.”

“I watch as people enter our office who are feeling hopeless, discouraged, doubtful and nervous. Many have had the experience of being told there is nothing else that can be done to help their vision or to improve the quality of their life. As I watch them leaving, I see mostly people who are encouraged, hopeful and excited about whatever help and improvements have been suggested and offered. They have hope again and often a big smile of gratitude realizing that these people understand and care.”