Image of an audio reader volunteer reading a newspaper in the recording booth

Audio Reader Program

Volunteers read and record local news that is broadcast directly to people with vision impairment in partnership with the KU Audio Reader Program.  We have available shifts twice a day , 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday at the Alphapointe Campus in Kansas City.

Image of one of our volunteers and our youth smiling for the camera

Youth Events & Summer Camps

Learn and grow as a volunteer for Alphapointe’s youth. Volunteers provide children with vision loss opportunities to use imagination and creativity in a fun and casual learning environment.

Image of our Volunteer Coordinator, Sharon Brown with guests at the Boots and Pearls event

Kansas City Events

With our events each year, many volunteers are needed to ensure success. Opportunities include working registration, serving on a committee, assisting with fund raising, serving meals and cleanup and set up.

Volunteer Sign Up

We would love to have your help!

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“Alphapointe is a wonderful place and a safe environment. The staff and clients are so helpful. My general feelings about blindness have changed. I feel less like a minority, more confident and at peace with my situation.”

– Mary

Happy and confident again.
Keep up the good work!

“I use my cane much more effectively. I am enjoying my walks again. When we were on vacation last week, I ventured out on my own a little bit. I was able to use what I learned and get from my hotel room all the way across the resort to breakfast on my own. It was good to get my freedom back.”

– Brooke