Our Events

Alphapointe Foundation engages with the community to empower people with vision loss and increase the awareness of the many services offered.

Throughout the year, special events offer a great way to make a thoughtful donation. The two events highlighted to the right are located in Kansas City. Please consider making a donation to support our foundation.

2/23/2018: A wine and whiskey tasting to empower the visually impaired. Presented by Delta Innovative Services, Inc.

February 23, 2018

Boots & Pearls, Wine & Whiskey Benefit

Image of a clock post in a bed of red and pink flowers on the green at the Country Club at Loch Lloyd

June 4, 2018

C&C Group Alphapointe Pro-Am

Images of two guests at Boots & Pearls participating in the Low Vision Experience
Image of David Westbrook with a female guest at Boots & Pearls viewing an auction item
Image of Shannon Sharrock from Faro International and our Project Manager Sybil Weiss operating a beverage cart for the 2016 Golf Tournament
Image of a golfer taking a swing as the rest of his team looks on