Volunteer Spotlight: Rick Walczak

Volunteer Spotlight: Rick Walczak

As part of the ongoing Volunteer Spotlight series, we checked in with volunteer Rick Walczak on why he chooses to donate his time and energy to Alphapointe.

Q&A with Rick

Tell us about you…
I retired seven years ago as a manager in the U.S. Defense Department where I helped people negotiate contracts. I stay busy throughout the year with volunteer efforts at my church, but I really look forward to Alphapointe’s Adventure Camp in the summer. Even if it gets hot or wet, or I help a camper through a bump, it’s a good time.

Why do you volunteer at Alphapointe?
It’s the best party I’ve ever been invited to.

What does volunteering at Alphapointe do for you?
It inspires and humbles me. It’s tempting to think that I am helping others, but the truth is that I do it because it does a lot for me.

What do you want to share with others about Alphapointe?
There is so much more to Alphapointe than the summer camps that I have helped at.

Why should others get engaged with Alphapointe?
You help yourself when you help others. Whatever skills you have, or time to spare, Alphapointe participants can use and benefit from them.

What is something you think everyone should know about Alphapointe?
They do a lot, from the strictly fun stuff, to training, to employment of people who are blind or visually impaired.

What’s the most important thing Alphapointe does from your perspective?
It helps people grow, whether in class, on the job, or in camp. I’ve seen it and felt it.

If there’s one public policy change you could make to help people with low vision, what would it be?
Federal, state, and local government agencies should consider contractor efforts to employ people with low vision when making contract awards.