Volunteer Spotlight: Mickey Beach

Volunteer Spotlight: Mickey Beach
  1. Tell us about you……

My name is Mickey Beach. I was born in south Kansas City and am an alumnus of Center High School. My wife Martha and I moved back to the Kansas City area in the fall of 2020 to be closer to children and grandchildren. We are both retired teachers, having each taught for 28 years in Missouri public schools. We share four children and have been blessed with six grandchildren and number seven due in September.

  1. Why do you volunteer at Alphapointe?

In our previous home in Brookfield, MO, Martha and I became active in our local Lions Club. When we relocated here, we searched for a club to get involved with and chose to pitch in with the KC Red Bridge Lions. I was familiar with this area from high school and knew they were active in the south KC community. Cheryl Rayburn did a presentation at one of our club meetings on Alphapointe. I grew up about a mile from there when the 75th and Prospect corner was Fairyland Park. I had to see this for myself; Cheryl gave us a tour of the facility and I was blown away with what happens there and how it impacts the lives of visually challenged individuals and families.

  1. What does volunteering at Alphapointe do for you?

As a Lion, our biggest mission is to support causes related to vision. It’s location in south KC and our mission as Lions aligned perfectly with the mission and vision of Alphapointe. It was a no-brainer to partner and support Alphapointe.

  1. What do you want to share with others about Alphapointe?

Alphapointe is changing and bettering the lives of individuals and families in many ways, whether it be for vision treatment, training, or an actual employment opportunity.

  1. Why should others get engaged with Alphapointe?

I believe that anyone who goes through a tour at Alphapointe will walk away impressed. Our world needs service minded people to make the world a better place. When you volunteer at Alphapointe events, you see the passion of the employees who work there at whatever that level may be.

  1. What is something you think everyone should know about Alphapointe?

Many of the fundraising events that I have helped with have been to raise funds for their youth camps. Providing opportunities for youth is another area that Lions focus on.

  1. What is the most important thing Alphapointe does from your perspective?

Alphapointe provides the opportunity through education and/or employment for the visually impaired to navigate life with some normalcy and independence.

  1. If there is one public policy change you could make to help people with low vision, what would it be?

I am not well versed in public policy in this area. I am for anything that allows the playing field to be levelled to provide the same opportunities that I have as a sighted person.