It’s All About T.G.I. with F.F.!

It’s All About T.G.I. with F.F.!

On Friday, Dec. 9, Alphapointe Youth joined the youth from Center of Hope Ministries to participate in a Community Service Project to give back to other youth in appreciation for all they have received this year.

The youth celebrated T.G.I. with F.F.: being Thankful, Grateful, Impactful with Family & Friends! The goal was to have everyone leave with an Attitude of Gratitude!

The youth and volunteers from C&C Group, Center of Hope Ministries, Alphapointe and community leaders came together to make 29 warm knotted blankets for youth at the Rose Brooks Center.

The Rose Brooks Center is an organization that aims to “break the cycle of domestic violence so that individuals and families can live free of abuse.” The Center provides emergency shelter for families and multiple resources to assist in stabilizing families for generations to come.

Rose Brooks Center Director of Marketing Scott Mason was the guest speaker during the event and talked about the impact that domestic violence has on youth and the importance of community events.

“For families and kids in Shelters, receiving something that is homemade is priceless,” Mason said. “It’s among their favorite things to receive. Specifically, they love when they are given blankets. We appreciate Alphapointe so very much.”

The warmth was definitely felt by all throughout the evening. Everyone joined together to make the blankets for the youth at the Rose Brooks Center, foster new relationships while making ornaments which people traded with someone they did not know and sing holiday carols.

C&C Group President and CEO Danny Davies and his wife Stacie Wright-Davies were in attendance to show their support of Alphapointe and the Kansas City community.

“We simply enjoy the holiday season and love to be around all kiddos during that time of year,” Davies said. “Frankly, kids from all walks of life just light up around holiday activities and it warms our hearts to help them give back to whatever cause is chosen. Helping kids spread the true spirit of Christmas is why we love this project.”