Mission Moment: Senior Perseveres Despite Macular Degeneration

Mission Moment: Senior Perseveres Despite Macular Degeneration

Like many with age-related vision loss, Josie Azarro simply wanted to do many of things she had always done during her life.

A senior living with Macular Degeneration, Josie was referred to Alphapointe’s Low Vision Clinic in the fall of 2020. At that point, Josie received an occupational therapy evaluation and follow up training in the home to further increase her independence with daily tasks.

Josie’s main goal was to be able to read again as well as be able to watch TV. Due to age-related Macular Degeneration, she was finding small print difficult to access, which made reading books and newspaper nearly impossible.

Alphapointe’s occupational therapist provided Josie with training on how to use handheld magnification and she also received a talking books player through the state library. Thanks to this assistance, Josie can now read her mail and other print related to daily tasks without any assistance. She also received MaxTV glasses to help her view the TV screen so that she can enjoy her favorite programs.

Josie is very pleased with Alphapointe’s Low Vision Services and thanks the staff and her occupational therapist for the “wonderful help.”

Thanks to Josie for providing another terrific example of an Alphapointe Mission Moment!