Volunteer Spotlight: Mandy Myers

Volunteer Spotlight: Mandy Myers

As part of the ongoing Volunteer Spotlight series, we checked in with volunteer Mandy Myers on why she chooses to donate her time and energy to Alphapointe.

Q&A with Mandy

Tell us about you…
My name is Mandy Myers. I am a junior at Western Kentucky University. I am majoring in Chinese and Psychology. I started working with Alphapointe in 2018 when I needed to learn technology and daily living skills for my low vision. It began with attending an Adventure Camp.

Why do you volunteer at Alphapointe?
I choose to volunteer at Alphapointe because I want to give back to the community that provided me with great opportunities and valuable lessons.

What does volunteering at Alphapointe do for you?
Volunteering at Alphapointe gives me the opportunity to interact and build bonds with others who also have vision loss. It also gives me an opportunity to see things from others’ perspectives and how to better serve.

What do you take away when you leave Alphapointe?
When I leave Alphapointe, I take away the strengths and amount of potential that people with vision loss hold. Alphapointe helps them bring it out.

What do you want to share with others about Alphapointe?
I want to share with others that Alphapointe helps those with vision loss reach their fullest potential and provides a community where the “different” is normal.

What do you want others to know about Alphapointe?
I want others to know that Alphapointe is a welcoming environment that helps people feel comfortable, while helping them adjust to their new normal.

Why should others get engaged with Alphapointe?
I think others should get involved with Alphapointe because it gives a new perspective about how big the impact is in helping others achieve their goals in life. It allows you to see how others work hard and show their strengths and good attitudes, even when faced with challenges.

What is something you think everyone should know about Alphapointe?
Alphapointe provides opportunities for all ages, all areas of life and creates a community while learning.

What’s the most important thing Alphapointe does from your perspective?
From my perspective, I think the most important thing Alphapointe does is that they combine crucial learning skills with awesome community activities, such as beep ball, Christmas caroling and sailing boats.

If there’s one public policy change you could make to help people with low vision, what would it be?
Transportation. Even though transportation opportunities are there, improving public transportation function and choices could make it easier for those with low vision to feel more secure in their independence.

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