Understanding How Different People Experience the World

Understanding How Different People Experience the World

(Originally published on January 8, 2019 by Chris Battel here.)

A couple of weeks ago the Chiefs released a touching video that detailed Cameron Black’s story.  Cameron, a blind man who works for Alphapointe, one of our partners demonstrated the strength in resilience by detailing the way that he hears in order to see.  This type of “seeing” involves imagination and an audible description.

Cameron was born blind, dealing with a condition known as congenital glaucoma since birth. Not too long ago, he was plagued with the concern of trying to find a job.  His wife was pregnant, and he knew he would need to help provide for his growing family.  Cameron and his wife moved to Kansas City and he applied to work at Alphapointe, one of the biggest employers of visually impaired people in the country.  He recognized this as a gamble but felt he had very few other options.

With the move to Kansas in the making, he wanted to try and fit in with the people there. Cameron knew that the Chief’s football would be a common language there and he wanted to learn how to relate to other football fans. His father taught him football in a very different way, through the description of the physical, that enabled him to understand the concept of this sport without being able to see it.

However, it wasn’t until he listened to a radio broadcast of Mitch Holthus that he felt he “saw” football. “When I listen to Mitch, I can see it all.” Cameron stated, “My dad provided the knowledge of football and Mitch Holthus provided the passion and the addiction.”

Not too long ago, Mitch watched a video about Cameron that detailed the effect Mitch had on him. Mitch was moved by this and wanted to connect with Cameron and learn more about his life and how his experience in life differed by being blind.  Cameron and Mitch discussed the affect that Mitch’s broadcasts had on Cameron’s life and Cameron captured this feeling by describing, “when I first heard your broadcasting, you gave me the ability to see something that I never be able to experience in my life. And I use the word see deliberately.”

When I came across this video featuring Cameron Black, one of our customer service representatives at Alphapointe in Kansas City, who serves our Missouri E-Pay contract, I was incredibly moved.  The NFL Network captures and airs Cameron’s story, including his family and work, and his love of the Kansas City Chiefs in a powerful way.

We are very proud of our partnership with Alphapointe and the exceptional customer service that Cameron and the dedicated Alphapointe team provide under our Missouri E-Pay contract. We are also very proud of our partnership with the Chicago Lighthouse that serves our Illinois ePAY Participants. Please take a moment to hear more about his story through this video.