Mission Moment: Hard Work Pays Off for Dreams & Aspirations

Mission Moment: Hard Work Pays Off for Dreams & Aspirations

If you’re seeking an inspiration, look no further than Brooke Cottrell.

Back in the spring of 2016 she was about to graduate from William Chrisman High School. She asked herself many of the essential questions recent high school graduates ask. Should she go to college? Or start a career? Where should she live?

Prior to reaching this challenging point in her life, Brooke was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa and nystagmus from birth with vision acuity of 20 over 300 in her left eye and she had surgery to remove her right eye completely.

Before a successful high school career, Brooke participated in many of Alphapointe’s youth programs. As a young teenager, she participated in Technology Camp, a week-long day educational experience that primarily focuses on assistive technology training. Brooke excelled at camp and she set high goals and aspirations for herself. She also completed a CPVA evaluation, which resulted in taking part in Alphapointe’s Comprehensive Education Program to gain the skills necessary to achieve her goals.

After excelling in Alphapointe’s programs, Brooke then faced those challenging questions after graduating from high school with a strong GPA. She eventually made the choice to pursue her dream of attending college.

Brooke enrolled in Alphapointe’s College Preparatory Program designed to teach students the skills necessary to achieve success in college. Brooke then began her studies at Metropolitan Community College’s Blue River Campus in Independence, Mo., in pursuit of a degree in Creative Arts. She excelled in the program with an excellent GPA and was on the Dean’s list multiple semesters. While in school, Brooke entered “Blind Idol,” the national singing competition hosted by Industries for the Blind in Winston-Salem, N.C. Along with Alphapointe’s Youth Manager, Brooke prepared extremely hard for the competition where she eventually advanced to the semifinal round (listen to Brooke’s audition here).

Motivated and focused, Brooke received the Service and Leadership Award from the Art Department at Metropolitan Community College. She recently received her Associate’s degree in Creative Arts and will soon be ready to move on with the next steps in her life as a talented and inspiring musician.

Congrats to Brooke!