Employee of the Year - David Brown

Employee of the Year - David Brown

(Originally published in the Bronx Times Reporter on July 13, 2018 by Patrick Rocchio.)

David Brown, a Kingsbridge resident who happens to be blind, is celebrating a decade employment anniversary working in the assembly department of Alphapointe.

Alphapointe, previously known as New York City Industries for the Blind, is a non profit agency that employs him and others who are visually impaired.

David does assembly and packing of various products in a manufacturing plant that makes office and janitorial supplies, as well as military apparel and emergency devices.

It also operates a call center. Nearly 200 employees work at the Brooklyn facility, with around 10 percent coming from the Bronx.

David was recently named as Direct Labor Blind Employee of the Year for Alphapointe’s New York facility.

He also recently attended the National Industries for the Blind conference in Washington, D.C., where he was honored along with employees of the year from other NIB member agencies around the country.

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