Alphapointe Signs Multi-Year Agreement with Express Scripts Pharmacy® to Produce Prescription Bottles

Alphapointe Signs Multi-Year Agreement with Express Scripts Pharmacy® to Produce Prescription Bottles

Alphapointe announced the organization has signed a new four-year agreement with Express Scripts Pharmacy®, doubling pre-existing production of plastic prescription bottles and also creating additional jobs for people who are blind.

The agreement increases the production of FDA-approved plastic resin bottles by Alphapointe for Express Scripts Pharmacy’s mail prescription service.

“We are thrilled that Express Scripts Pharmacy has made the decision to not only continue our agreement, but to increase the size and scope of our relationship,” said Alphapointe President and CEO Reinhard Mabry. “Express Scripts Pharmacy clearly values the contributions of people with vision loss and this agreement means more good jobs for people who are blind.”

The original agreement with Express Scripts Pharmacy in 2016 created 20 cumulative full-time positions at Alphapointe for people who are blind. The new agreement increases the number of cumulative full-time positions for people with vision loss to 24 over the lifetime of the contract. The announcement comes as Alphapointe celebrates National Disability Employment Awareness Month – a campaign to raise awareness of the workforce capabilities for people who are blind.

“Together with Alphapointe, we put medications in the hands of millions of patients while providing best-in-class pharmacy care,” said Wendy Barnes, president, Express Scripts Pharmacy. “When it comes to selecting organizations that we want to work with, we look for not only organizations that have a similar mission, but also those who look to make a difference in the communities they serve. Alphapointe is doing that by creating more jobs for individuals who are blind, and we are honored to be a part of it.”

Alphapointe also manufactures a number of different plastic bottles, including more than 50 million prescription bottles annually for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Several of Alphapointe’s agreements stem from AbilityOne, the federal government program designed to create employment opportunities for people who are blind or have disabilities.

“This agreement cements Alphapointe’s position as a trusted plastics manufacturer in both the commercial and government sectors,” Mabry said. “It also reinforces Alphapointe’s 100-plus year tradition of service to military families and being one of the largest employers of people who are blind in the nation.”