Alphapointe New York's Future Home

Alphapointe New York’s Future Home in Queens:

Alphapointe has acquired a 138,000-square-foot building at 87-46 123rd Street in the Richmond Hill section of Queens, which is to become the official home of our New York location. This will create a contemporary workplace with a state-of-the-art accommodations for employees including navigation and accessibility. This will allow Alphapointe to provide training and employment for more people who are blind and visually impaired in the New York area. Moving will take place over the next 14 months as campaign donations are received and renovations are completed.

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Blueprint of new building in Queens, NY

View the blueprint design

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Artist rendering of the reception area looking toward the front entrance
Artist rendering of the street view outside the new Alphapointe building in New York
Image of artist's rendering of the warehouse in the new Alphapointe building
An artist's rendering of the new courtyard at the new Queens building
Reception area concept at the new building for Alphapointe New York
Different angle of the artist rendering of the courtyard for the new Queens building