Home. Made. In the Heart of New York

For those with vision loss, home is a place to be made.

Alphapointe’s newest location has already begun changing the lives of New Yorkers who are blind or visually impaired.
Right now, the property in Richmond Hill, Queens, is an industrial facility.
With your help, we’re transforming it into a place to call home.

How home is made.

The Queens facility is constantly changing as renovations progress. Check here for updates. Download the brochure here.

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Late 2018



All renovations are scheduled for completion, with remaining personnel transitioned into our new home.



October 2018

Broom and Brush and remaining departments move in to the new facility in Richmond Hill.






August 2018



Alphapointe continues to build a home in Richmond Hill, ensuring that our new home is ready for September.
Update from News 12 Brooklyn here.
Update from the TimesLedger here.






March 2018




BlindSqaure, mobile navigation application, installed by our friends at Bosma Enterprises. See photos here.






December 2017






 Mop department moves in from Brooklyn to new facility in Queens.



August 2017

Renovations of key areas begin.
Watch kick-off video here.




July 2017


Warehouse operations are transitioned to Richmond Hill facility.

June 2017

Warehouse space renovations for occupancy begin.

January 2016

Alphapointe identifies Richmond Hill property as its future New York home.

May 2014

Alphapointe acquires New York City Industries for the Blind, saving over 200 jobs – including 130 people who are legally blind.


Because our new Richmond Hill location consists of 19 separate buildings, donors are being offered the opportunity to name a building. For $200,000, you can leave a lasting legacy. Within our new warehouse, you can also fund and name specific departments where products are made. These $200,000 contributions can be made with a three- to four-year pledge.

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