Adding a "D" for Disability to DEI Efforts

Adding a "D" for Disability to DEI Efforts

Organizations around the nation are making a new commitment to embrace the concept of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the workplace (often shortened to “DEI”).

But, there’s one important element of DEI that frequently is not addressed: and that’s a “D” for Disability. Alphapointe Manager of Donor Development & Community Relations Cheryl Rayburn recently addressed hundreds of associates at Heartland Coca-Cola, a large distributor of Coca-Cola products based on Kansas City.

During her remarks, Rayburn captivated the audience by sharing personal stories about why disability in the workplace is essential to DEI efforts. She relayed that, while it’s important that DEI initiatives focus on race, religion and ethnicity, it’s also critical to realize that all races, religions and ethnicities have people with disabilities.

Rayburn’s remarks were well-received with the team at Heartland appreciative for “providing a space for thought-provoking conversation and insight.”

If your organization in interested in featuring a representative from Alphapointe to speak to the importance of disability and accessibility in the workplace, contact Cheryl Rayburn at or 816-237-2096.