Foresight: An Alphapointe Series

Foresight: An Alphapointe Series explores the past, present and future of vision loss through engaging and insightful discussions with changemakers in the blindness community.

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Foresight – Episode 1: Gov. David Paterson 

Summary: The first blind governor in U.S. history to serve more than two weeks and the fourth African-American governor in American history, Gov. David Paterson offers incredibly candid insights into of the challenges he faced growing up in an education system unequipped to serve children with disabilities, his rise to prominence as the youngest New York state legislator, the unprecedented challenges he faced after being thrust into the governorship amidst a global economic crisis, the difficulties in handling his insulting portrayals in programs such as Saturday Night Live and much more. Hosted by Alphapointe Director of Public Policy Scott Thornhill, this is an amazingly unfiltered and frank conversation you won’t want to miss.

Blindness Community Changemakers: An Alphapointe Film Premiere and Conversation

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