Volunteer Spotlight: Delta Gamma Alumnae Chapter of Kansas City

Volunteer Spotlight: Delta Gamma Alumnae Chapter of Kansas City

As part of the ongoing Volunteer Spotlight series, we checked in with Beth Kelloff & Kristin Wing of the Delta Gamma Alumnae Chapter of Kansas City on why they choose to donate their time and energy to Alphapointe. 

Since 1921, Delta Gamma Alumnae Chapter of Kansas City has served our neighbors with many and varied projects. We were founded in 1873 in Mississippi as a women’s club of mutual helpfulness. In 1936, we nationally adopted aid to the blind as our focus. In 1942, we added sight conservation to our focus. In 1995, the focus became “Service for Sight.”

We have been involved with Alphapointe for many years. We, with Alphapointe and the Junior League of Kansas City, founded Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired.

Alphapointe does so much for the visually impaired such as providing jobs, sight screening, providing sight enhancing equipment, giving youth opportunities like camp and beepball to keep them in on par with their sighted peers and college prep! Those are just a few of the many ways Alphapointe supports people with low vision.

We wish everyone knew the amazing things Alphapointe does did you know they have a store where you can get adaptive equipment and assistive technology related to cooking, games, magnification devices, canes and much more? Alphapointe also has an online store where you can order thousands of office products, cleaning supplies and more with every purchase going back to the organization so that it can provide good jobs and rehabilitation services to people with vision loss.

Get in involved! Volunteer in an area in which you have an interest, make a donation, or just come by to visit. You will be glad you did!