Technology Camp

Technology Camp

Alphapointe’s Technology Camp is a week-long day camp experience for middle and high school
students with vision loss.

A High Tech Experience

Alphapointe is partnering with to present Technology Camp, a cybersecurity camp designed specifically for kids who are blind or visually impaired. This immersive, five-day camp will introduce kids to the world of cybersecurity, programming, and more. Campers will explore coding, web design, digital compliance, and other real-world cyber applications. Technology Camp will be held July 29 – August 2th at the headquarters of CH Robinson, located just behind St. Joseph’s Hospital in south KC. Register here.

About Project Access

Project Access aims to support programming options of local and state agencies by offering cyber education opportunities for blind and visually impaired, and neurodivergent students through immersive experiences that are fully compatible with assistive technology such as screen readers or magnification software. This gives neurodivergent students the confidence and knowledge necessary to pursue higher education and technology careers.

Technology Camp Details and Requirements

Due to the advanced nature of the programming at Technology Camp, all campers are required to have completed pre-Algebra and be reading at least at the 8th grade level.  Campers are also required to have a working knowledge of any adaptive technology.  Should you have any questions about these requirements, please contact Alex Van Dyke.

Interested in volunteering at Technology Camp? Volunteers provide children with vision loss opportunities to use imagination and creativity in a fun and casual learning environment. Volunteers are a critical partner with helping support our Youth Services programs. Please reach out to Alex Van Dyke.

“There are tools available and techniques to make my life, and the lives of people close to me, easier.” – John

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