Janitorial Products

High-Quality Manufacturing

From our highly skilled manufacturing staff to our excellent customer service, we are ready to meet your cleaning needs with quality janitorial products at competitive pricing. Our mops are made in the USA at our New York facility and manufactured to the highest quality standards and constructed to meet federal and state government specifications that meet our customers’ budgets and needs.

Meeting Your Needs

We offer a broad range of wet mops and dust mops, microfiber mop systems, brooms, brushes, handles and wringer buckets. We serve customers like NYC Transit Authority, NYC Housing Authority, NYC DOE & VA Hospitals, and more. We use over 1 million pounds of yarn to produce our top-selling, high-quality mops.

For over 20 years, the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services has been using our janitorial products. One of our larger customers, they have been instrumental in helping us stay visible and competitive allowing us to provide jobs for the visually impaired or blind.

Eco-Friendly Products

We pride ourselves on being environmentally conscious, offering customers preferred products such as microfiber, bio based cleaners and products containing sustainable/renewable resources with recycled content and/or degradable materials.

In addition, all Alphapointe shipping boxes contain 33% – 100% PCW (post consumer waste) content.

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For more information fill out this form or contact Ted Rios at 347-729-2234 or trios@alphapointe.org.

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