Alphapointe Announces Supplier of the Year

Alphapointe Announces Supplier of the Year

At Alphapointe’s 2022 holiday party and awards event, the organization formally recognized Gerald Schwartz, Inc. as its Supplier of the Year.

GSI has become one of the most trusted and reliable suppliers of components to the sewn products and soft goods industry and has proven to be strong strategic partner to Alphapointe’s mission for the past 11 years. GSI’s close partnership has been key to Alphapointe’s success.

GSI has assisted Alphapointe in multiple projects and has continuously demonstrated commitment to supplying quality plastic components to support tourniquets, buckles for litter straps and webbing and hardware for multiple other tactical projects.

Alphapointe relies on GSI’s expertise as the organization continually makes improvements to the Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet (TMT) and GSI has been an invaluable asset in Alphapointe’s supply chain as the organization reached a milestone of producing 500,000 TMTs.

Due to GSI’s responsiveness and their ability to deliver quality products, Alphapointe’s Business Development, Operations and Supply Chain teams consider GSI one of the organization’s most reliable partners for all military projects.