Dr. John Metzger
Dr. Metzger is a optometrist in Kansas and Missouri who works in the special areas of developmental vision, low vision rehabilitation and neuro-optometry. He works with children and adults whose vision restricts reading, learning, work tasks, hobbies, driving and enjoying daily life.

After three years of teaching high school science and biology, Dr. Metzger attended the University of Houston College of Optometry. He practiced general care optometry in Hiawatha, Kansas beginning in 1977. Ten years ago, he integrated developmental optometry into his practice. Low vision rehabilitation and neuro-optometry were incorporated within the last four years.

Dr. Metzger provides low vision evaluations and rehabilitation recommendations in the new Low Vision Clinic at Alphapointe several times each month.

For an appointment, please call 816-237-2020 or email lowvisionclinic@alphapointe.org.