Alphapointe Receives Distinguished Awards for Donations to Ukraine

Alphapointe Receives Distinguished Awards for Donations to Ukraine

The United States Exercise Tiger Foundation presented Alphapointe and several team members with awards in conjunction with the organization’s donation of nearly 5,000 medical supplies to Ukraine.

The organization received the Distinguished Corporation Award, while several individuals involved with the donation project received individual honors. President and CEO Reinhard Mabry, New York Operations General Manager Carroll Foreman, Army Sewing and Needlecraft Supervisor Maria Sanchez, Production Planner and Schedule Supervisor Irshaud Sears and Production and Training Manager Sharon Smith each received the Civilian Commendation Medal. Alphapointe veterans Christopher Kosiorek (Director of Tactical and Medical) and Ryan Williams (Chief Operating Officer) each received the Medal of Combat Valor and the American Warrior Achievement Medal.

“To keep the legacy alive of those soldiers and sailors who died in 1944, we are always pleased to honor those who do good things,” said Susan Haines, the USTF National Director. “Alphapointe has done a lot of good since 1911, but recently they donated over 2000 tourniquets to Ukraine. That good will help save lives.”

The honors were presented following Alphapointe’s donation of medical supplies to the Ukraine relief effort in March.  Among the items sent were 2,000 of Alphapointe’s innovative Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet (TMT) and more than 2,500 individual items, including emergency bandages, compression bandages and other utensils.

The United States Exercise Tiger Foundation is a military and veterans foundation that honors those who have served and who also serve the community and our nation. The USTF is named after the WW II pre D-Day Battle of Exercise Tiger which was a training mission that turned into combat with German Navy warships on April 28, 1944. Over 900 were killed including 201 soldiers from Missouri. Since 1989 the USTF has been a recognized organization to annually commemorate the battle and to serve as a beacon of recognition to all veterans .