Senior Adult Services

Senior Adult Services

Learn to Live Independently

The goal of the program is to promote activity, independence and dignity in the home, family and community for those seniors experiencing age-related vision loss.

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Learning New Techniques

Learn skills necessary to live independently and age in place following vision loss.

Adaptive Equipment

A registered and licensed occupational therapist visits the home of senior adults to assess vision-related needs, recommend simple modification strategies to promote safety and independence and identify appropriate visual aids and adaptive equipment.

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Image of Angela using a magnifier to read microwave instructions for a frozen meal
Meet Angela. She is a 60-year-old woman who started having difficulty with her vision due to uveitis, which resulted in a prosthetic left eye. When her right eye starting losing vision, her Ophthalmologist, Dr. Roland Sabates, suggested she come to Alphapointe. Discover why Angela hesitated to reach out to Alphapointe and how we were able to make her life easier. Read More
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“Thank you for the fluorescent lamp you gave me. I was able to record my night prayers and hymns with only a few stumbles – something I wanted to do in case I go completely blind. I am so glad the doctor referred me.”

– Eileen, age 91

“I am enjoying walks again. It was good to get my freedom back. I am naturally happy and confident again.” – Cheryl
I have my freedom.
So happy to see again!

“I just want you to know that I am a grateful 85 year-old man that couldn’t see.Thanks to Alphapointe and especially my occupational therapist, Megan, I can see again.”

– Roy