Contact Services

Contact Services

Superior Communications Specialists

Leading universities, government entities and companies throughout the United States rely on our Contact Center Services division to deliver consistent cost-effective communication. Whether it’s market research, appointment scheduling, customer loyalty programs or retention, we’ll help you build lasting relationships.

Premium Customer Service

Our highly-trained and knowledgeable staff is conversational, personable and friendly. We work to build strong relationships and give your business more qualified contacts. Our structured call quality ensures consistency. With our comprehensive data gathering and reporting, we help businesses with all types of contact requests including customer loyalty and retention programs. This ensures 100% of calls answered.

Significant Savings

Our services are budgeted to help customers accomplish their goals in less time, at a lower cost. SQL-based inbound and outbound predictive dialer and CRM technology allows us to handle thousands of calls per session.

Colleges & Universities

From inquiry to enrollment, we are an experienced provider of targeted, cost-efficient communication and marketing services proven to deliver consistent results for colleges and universities nationwide.

Our Partnerships

Our valued partners include Fortune 500 companies, higher education, local and federal government agencies, college admissions, insurance agencies, software companies, marketing research firms, and many more. We have Tier 1 technical support and 508 compliance software testing.


“I have been very satisfied with Alphapointe’s call center services. I have plans to contract with Alphapointe again. I have recommended them to others.”

  – Alisha A. Lund-Chaix, Ph.D. President/CEO, Lund-Chaix Consulting


“In 2014, NCR partnered with Alphapointe on the statewide Missouri payment processing contract. As the lead customer and client services team, Alphapointe has maintained an exceptional record, conclusively resolving 95% of all issues within 1 day, and 97% within 2 days.”

– Matt Helms, Executive Director – Business Operations, NCR Payment Solutions 


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