Our Story

Our Story

Image of client receiving adaptive technology training

Image of workers in our plastics department

Vision Services

Alphapointe is the only comprehensive provider of vision rehabilitation services in the state of Missouri, serving thousands of children, adults and seniors each year who strive for independence.

Our NAC accredited services include low vision rehabilitation, educational outreach, activities for visually impaired youth, braille, orientation and mobility training, adaptive technology and career counseling.

Products and Services

Alphapointe has principle operations in Kansas City and Queens. Our diverse workforce includes highly-skilled blind, low vision and sighted men and women whose hard work and dedication serve as the foundation to our success.

We operate nine facilities in four states, producing quality products with the highest standards for businesses across the nation. Every time you partner with us, you empower people with vision loss to succeed.

What began over a century ago in one woman’s living room in Kansas City has today evolved into the largest employer of people who are blind and the region’s leading provider of vision rehabilitation, education and advocacy to anyone experiencing vision loss.


We proudly manufacture a variety of products in our ISO 9001 certified facilities for government and commercial customers.


We exceed expectations by providing accurate, consistent production, on-time delivery and exceptional service.


Structured as a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, we are in business to increase your profits, not ours.


We continue to grow by providing our customers quality products and services at competitive prices.

Board of Directors


Sheila Seck, Chair
Founder & Managing Partner, Seck and Associates

Danny Davies, 1st Vice-Chair
President & CEO, C&C Group

Michael Lynch, 2nd Vice-Chair
Retired Major General, U.S. Air Force

Amy Goode, CPA, Treasurer
Partner, Meridian Business Services

Grant Gooding, Secretary
Founder & CEO, PROOF Positioning

Jeffrey Lynch, Immediate Past Chair
President & CEO, Idle Smart




Marc Bailin
Attorney, Rubin & Bailin, LLP

Joseph Danowsky
Retired General Counsel

Trent Grissom
VP/Director of Business Development, Waterfront Advisors

Paul Heddings
Director of Academic Integrity, West Virginia University

Barry S. Honig
President & CEO, TruckPay
President & CEO, Honig International, Inc.

Amanda Kumma-Reeves

Ed Marquette
Partner, Kutak Rock, LLP

Jack Muhlstein
Retired CEO, Golden Fortune Industries, LLC

Mark O’Neill
Retired Brigadier General, U.S. Army

Peyton “Chip” Owen
President, D & M Plastics, LLC

Lynn Parman
Chief Operating Officer, National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics

Jeron Ravin
President & CEO, Swope Health

Anthony Valvo
Managing Director, Deutsche Bank Wealth Management

David Westbrook, ex-officio Chair, Foundation Board
Retired Management Consultant 

James Barry, Director Emeritus

Richard Bland, Director Emeritus

Jim Day, Director Emeritus

Kent Gedman, Director Emeritus
Midpoint National

Greg Kallos, Director Emeritus




In Memoriam:
Michael Greenstein (2011-2017)
Jimmy Nickell, Director Emeritus (1994-2019)

Executive Staff

Reinhard Mabry
President & CEO

Amy Campbell
Vice President, Human Resources

Robert Cowan, III
Vice President, Operations

Tom England
Vice President, Sales and Marketing 

Gina Gowin
Vice President, Program Services & Development,
Executive Director, Alphapointe Foundation Board

Jeff McHenry
Vice President, CFO

Ryan Williams
Chief Operating Officer

Stan Wright
Vice President, Information Technology