KC Beep Kickball Tournament

KC Beep Kickball Tournament

Kick It With Your Friends!

CCVI and Alphapointe host a one-day Beep Kickball Tournament for adults each year! All proceeds raised from the event support providing life-changing services for people with vision loss! Teams are comprised of 6-10 players and all teams are guaranteed at least three games. Concessions are available and adult beverages are also available for purchase during the event.


Stay tuned for the 2023 date!

Player kicking a beep kickball
Player running toward a buzzing beep kickball base
Player in the field holding up a beep kickball
Player running toward a buzzing beep kickball base

What Is Beep Kickball?

Beep Kickball is an adaptation of kickball for those who are visually impaired. It’s similar to standard kickball, but instead uses a ball and bases that both emit sound so that people know where to kick and where to run.

On defense, five players wear a blindfold in the field and two are sighted spotters. One blindfolded offensive player place and kicks the beeping ball from home plate then runs to a buzzing base (two bases are used in the field – the equivalent of first base and third base in standard kickball).

If the runner reaches the base before a fielder picks up the ball, they are safe and score a run. If a fielder picks up the ball first, the runner is out. The game is over after six innings or after time expires.

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Beep Kickball Rules

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Why Your Support Matters

Alphapointe is the national non-profit organization dedicated to empowering people with vision loss to achieve their goals and aspirations. We are simultaneously one of the nation’s largest employers of people who are blind as well as one of our country’s largest providers of comprehensive rehabilitation services for people with vision loss. Every year, we provide these critical services to thousands of people of all ages. All proceeds from the event go toward ensuring people receive these essential services. We thank you for your support – it means the world to us and to the people we serve.

Interested in volunteering? Contact Cheryl Rayburn at (816) 237-2096 or crayburn@alphapointe.org.

Alphapointe rehabilitation client learning how to use a knife to chop an onion
Adventure Camp participant Sebashton on the rock climbing wall
Adventure Camp participant Darius swimming in the pool
Alphapointe occupational therapist providing assistance to a client with low vision

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