Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services

We offer training in all skills for blindness and low vision. Programs are catered to your individual needs and scheduling is flexible. Services are available in both group and individual classes. Our multidisciplinary team will work to help you be independent and ready to return to work.

Photograph of a client using a kitchen timer that's been adapted with tactile stickers

Activities for Daily Living

Our program includes hands on training in visual efficiency skills for everyday activities like housekeeping, budgeting, time management, medication management and more. This program provides techniques and training for organization and labeling, cooking, driving, reading and writing.

Photograph of client adjusting her computer settings for her vision needs

Adaptive Technology Training

We have state-of-the-art adaptive equipment to assist you at home and in your work. Our program includes training in Windows, IOS, Android and various other operating systems and devices. Training is available in all the major software for magnification and for screen reading.

Photograph of Vocational Placement

Vocational Placement

Alphapointe seeks to prepare people with vision loss for today’s workplace. Career counseling and job search assistance is available. Resume and cover letter writing and skills for networking and job interviewing are part of a typical training program.

Photograph of Client using a brailler

Braille and Academics

Academic training includes all levels of braille instruction and refresher in writing, reading and other academic skills.

Photograph of a client learning O/M techniques outside our Kansas City facility

Orientation and Mobility

Learn how to navigate safely and efficiently. Our services include teaching travel skills for all environments, sighted guide, use of all forms of public transportation and preparation for guide dog school referral.

Alphapointe has the largest rehabilitation center in the Midwest and serves clients from all over the United States.

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