Low Vision Clinic

The Low Vision Clinic, a signature addition to our main campus, offers a full range of comprehensive vision services to help patients regain their independence, deal with the emotional aspects of vision loss and live more productive lives-with the vision they have. This clinic is open to anyone in the community, and is currently accepting new patients. Typically, patients have previously seen a doctor for vision correction, but due to increased vision loss, that correction is no longer effective.

The Clinic is staffed by Dr. John Metzger, an optometrist who has treated low vision for over 20 years. Along with an experienced team of occupational therapists, Dr. Metzger will evaluate a patient’s prior medical history, conduct additional examinations, and interview the patient about his or her work, hobbies and lifestyle. Then, the medical team will develop a customized, comprehensive plan to address the challenges presented by loss of vision. Says Dr. Metzger, “Ultimately, the goal is to empower the individual to continue regular activities as much as possible.”

Solutions can include options such as unique magnification devices designed for special work conditions, software to enhance computer screens and mobility instruction. Alphapointe staff will also provide training and guidance to help patients learn to use their devices effectively, and to cope with their vision loss.

When corrective lenses and surgery are no longer effective, Alphapointe’s Low Vision Clinic can help. To schedule an appointment, please contact Angie Bowers, OTR/L, at 816-237-2020 or at lowvision@alphapointe.org.